Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sprint vs TMobile

So I left Tmobile last week and jumped over the edge, landing on the dark side (iPhone).

AT&T's new shared data plans ruled them out of the contest for my money. Verizon's notoriously high plans kicked them out as well. That left me with either sticking with T-Mobile and dealing with their increasingly shoddy service and customer service (the service was such that I left mid-contract) or returning, like the prodigal daughter, to the place where I got my mobile phone start-- Sprint. 

Given that my son's 16th birthday is next month and the iPhone was the only thing for which he expressed a desire, I made the leap from where I've been for the last decade, a part of the T-Mobile family, to Sprint. I wish I could say that I felt like I made the right choice but I can't. I'm a person for whom loyalty ranks pretty high on the list of values and, until T-Mobile took away my ability to tether my HTC Sensation to my laptop, I was torn about leaving. Even as I stood in the Sprint store, my heart felt as heavy as lead. Even with the iPhone in hand, my feet dragged slowly from the store, no smile to be found upon my face.

For five day, I hated the iPhone, hated its small screen, hated it's fragility, hated the necessity to purchase a case that disguises the sleekness of the iPhone (the one thing I love about it), hated Sprint's inability to access data while I chat on the phone, hated the true 3G (slow) "speed" of Sprint. I never had those problems with my Sensation or T-Mobile. 

But, at least, I can talk on my phone in my apartment. My biggest complaint with T-Mobile, one to which there seemed to be no solution, even after talking to numerous techs and pointless customer service personnel within the company. I threatened to leave but they knew there wasn't really any all-around comparable company out there. And there isn't. Not one that offers fairly low rates, great speed, good overseas signal (with no roaming fees) and useful phones (I really liked my Sensation). 

However, Sprint has them beat on customer service and has comparable rates with discounts for teachers. They also have the best plan for the iPhone, as well as an old phone purchasing plan. I got $100 for my old phone towards the purchase of my iPhone (but I could have gotten $200 on craigslist as I found out today much to my chagrin). So while I miss the internet speed and being able to access Google while talking with my best friend on speaker phone, as well as using my Cardio Trainer app (not an available app on the iPhone), I'm content with what I have. My son's happy with his early birthday gift and I'm happy with my slightly lower bill (and Siri). 

I may not be enamored with the iPhone itself but I do love its apps and Sprint in general. One app that I’ve found most useful this past week has been MyFitnessPal. I’ve been wanting to keep a food diary for years but I was never the diary type, often losing my books or forgetting to write but this one is right on my phone (I rarely forget my phone). I love it because it is very easy to use, it gives me nutritional value of everything I eat, and it calorie counts for me. I went to IHOP a few days ago and had the deeee-licious strawberry pancakes dinner. Wouldn’t you know it, that whole meal was already one of the choices on the phone. (Good lordy, that meal was over 1000 calories by itself and packed a LOT of sodium). I’ve found myself consciously thinking about what I’m eating and if it fits in my calorie allowance. But last night, I started thinking of my sodium allowance too (I have high blood pressure– makes sense to use the information). I actually decided against two slices of pickles (only 5 calories) because I was already over my sodium allowance.

Anyhoo, here's to hoping these next two years with Sprint/the iPhone are uneventful with relation to my cell phone service .


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