Thursday, July 26, 2012

Part 3: 30 Things I Want to Be

Now for the final installment of this writing exercise. For the next seven minutes, I will write out the first 30 things that come to mind about what I want to be. Just like the previous exercises, this can be anything. It can, also, repeat from the first two exercises but, of course, with the idea of "to be" planted firmly in the mind. Another part to this writing exercise follows but I'll mention it below.

Side note: Seriously, when will I learn to do these blog posts in a timely fashion; it's nearly 3AM and my eyes are drooping.

30 Things I Want to Be

 1. happy
 2. secure
 3. in love
 4. loved
 5. accepted
 6. wanted
 7. a professor
 8. a published author
 9. a motivational speaker
10. an accomplished actress
11. a produced screenwriter
12. a better mother
13. thinner, quite thinner
14. neater
15. more proactive
16. a doer, not a procrastinator
17. a wife
18. a world traveler
19. fulfilled
20. desirable
21. sought after for my knowledge
22. an awards show hostess
23. settled
24. taken care of
25. dr. cannon
26. focused
27. inspiring
28. unforgettable
29. respected
30. appreciated
*~~~*~~~*still going*~~~*~~~*
31. understood, as much as i can be
32. a go-getter
33. more spiritual
34. loving
35. patient
36. kinder
37. obedient to God
38. important
39. remembered for my good work like shakespeare
40. tactful
41. living up to my potential
42. degreed
43. owner of many houses
44. present in the present
45. organized

I actually completed this well ahead of my seven minutes, in fact, I still had a minute and a half left when I felt the well go dry.  I managed to squeeze out a few more important things but I was still left with 30 seconds. I jotted down that last and, oh so, important thing I want to be as the seconds dwindled. Do I bother to number them? I shall.

Another note: the first 11 are in no particular order; my mind raced with answers before I even hit start so the words tumbled over each other to be written.

Anyhoo, I'm sleepy. I'll do the next part of the exercise tomorrow. This involves looking at all three columns/lists and finding recurrences/patterns within them. I'm pretty sure you can see a definite pattern in mine. Hope I can find my book tomorrow.


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