Friday, July 6, 2012

Mad at Myself

I figured it out. I'm sabotaging myself. I'm refusing to write on the grounds that I will have to commit to something and do what I said I would do. I would have to keep a promise to myself. I would have to be a responsible normal adult who can not blame ADD or home life for the fact that I have yet to put my fingers to the keyboard and create imaginative magic. I mean, if I don't try, I can't fail, right? Is that what it is?


I'm driven to tears right now because I'm really upset and frustrated with myself. Why won't I write??? No, I don't mean why won't I write these blogs; I'm, obviously, doing that, aren't I? I mean why won't I WRITE? Why won't I take these ideas and put them down on electronic paper; heck, I could even just go old school with a pen and a notebook. Why am I being so obstinate? So resistant? WHY WON'T I WRITE?

Riddle me that, huh?!?


Geesh...I'm going, I'm going. After this bathroom break. 

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