Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Writing a Lil Somethin', Somethin'

Yesterday, I pitched two blog articles to Huffington Post via email.

Last night, I got up out of bed and wrote a little intro to a story; it's not much just yet but it's something. Maybe it's to Paige's story, maybe not. That Jesse character is new, someone I hadn't even thought of until I began writing ( I keep seeing the kid (Macaulay Culkin) from My Girl when I envision him).

I still want Paige to meet Hannah, a precocious little girl with a love of pink, tutus, and lip gloss. I'm thinking Paige will meet her while hanging out at the library in El Segundo, CA. Yes, an idea, planted when I got lost in El Segundo with my best friend and we had to find our way back to Los Angeles during my/our (first) visit to Los Angeles for her birthday a couple years ago, is finally worming its way out of my head and into realization.

Like I said, I haven't got much but it's a start. Anyhoo, gotta run.


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