Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lost Without Facebook

I'm lost without Facebook.

It's been three days and I keep reaching for my phone, wanting to post the interesting things I felt compelled to share.

Like the Korean pills made out of dead Chinese babies.

Like my frustration with the people at my job.

Like my son being threatened by a bully at school.

Like my school ranking in the top percentile out of 4,800 schools in the nation ranked (a total of 22,000 schools were analyzed) by US News.

Like my mom exclaiming her love for her early Mother's Day present in teenage text speak: "OMG!"

Like President Obama giving in to the pressure to speak on something that was a big mine field containing a boatload of "damn if you do, damn if you don't", leaving him open to even more criticism as well as paving the way for his not-to-be-under-estimated opponent.  (Maybe if Biden would shut up, Prez Obama wouldn't have to stepping in fresh steaming dog piles). North Carolina holding an unconstitutional vote didn't help. Regardless of personal belief, denying someone legal rights on the basis of what they are is just wrong. As a fat black single-mother and teacher, I know a thing or two about being glared at or disregarded on one or a combination of the "what I ams".

Joshua Ledet: Sultry
Joshua Ledet: Smooth
Joshua Ledet: Soulful
Like my discovery of the awe-some-ness that is American Idol's Joshua Ledet (haven't watched AI all season until tonight-- can't wait to hyperlink This is a Man's World when someone uploads it to YouTube). I would totally pay to see him in concert (and not that American Idol thing either). I'm trying to resist making a blog post just about dude. He is soooo good. He just doesn't fit in with the crud that is playing on constant rotation on the radio. His Change Gon' Come and Ready for Love almost got a shout out of me. Definitely makes me smile. He is Mantasia. He is Beyonce. He is Luther and a touch of so many of the greats. I hope he gets some really good writers and producers because I would definitely buy his cd. Yes, I've gone overboard with the pictures of him. And, no, I don't have a ridiculous school girl crush on him (from what I've discerned that would be totally stupid and a waste of energy). I just think he's really awesome and I hope he stays humble. Also, I didn't see too many interesting and lively pictures of him so I snapshotted a few to add to the world wide web. :)

This clip of Jessica Sanchez was pretty great too.

Like the Miami Heat sweeping the New York Knicks in round one of the playoffs.

Like my 90-day tithing commitment to God. "Test me in this...," He says. It feels more like a test for me rather than a test for Him. And, boy, I certainly hope I pass because, so far, the only floodgates that have been thrown open are the ones that have been holding back my tears.

Nearly everyday this week, the tears fell from my eyes in fat droplets as relentless as the rainfall that doused Miami these past few days.

"Test me in this," He says. I need to.

How else am I going to make it through another 87 days of no status updates? How else will I be able to pay all my bills while devoting the first 10% of my income to God? How else am I going to move from my current situation into something more aligned with my purpose?

"Test me in this," He says. I will.

I'm fighting to be obedient. I'm waiting on those blessings. I will test Him. I will trust Him. I will believe him for His word. 


Found the video for Joshua Ledet's cover of It's a Man's World:

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