Monday, May 14, 2012

Rihanna: Where Have You Been?

The title of this post is not just the title of the song but a real question: Rihanna, where have you been? This newly released music video is what so many videos are missing. You have a teensy bit of your typy Rih raunch, a dose of sexy, and a health dollop of story with what a music video of this genre should have-- dancing (nice choreography). And let's not forget, it is visually stimulating, at the very least, visually interesting.

If you can't tell by now, I really enjoyed the video. I found my mind urging my body to get out of its prone position more than once, anxious to try one or two of the dance moves. Laziness won every time, though. But that didn't keep me from noticing that I wanted to dance. I miss videos like that.

I must say, too, that it was nice not seeing the slutty Rihanna; she was sultry but she wasn't slutty (came close during those pat the kitty cat gyrations and hand movements at the end of the dance sequence). Here, Rihanna was just a woman comfortable with her body (made me jealously long for my youth, not that my abs were as wonderfully flat as hers then either), not a woman trying too hard to sell sex.

So, um, yeah. I liked the video. See for yourself below.

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