Sunday, May 27, 2012

Game of Life

Leaving me to my thoughts is a very dangerous thing to do, especially when I'm feeling the foreshadowing emotional effects of Mother Nature and the Crimson Crasher's impending week-long visit (Hey, it's my blog; no one's reading it anyway, so I can say what I want).

So, while sitting in this waiting room for the last hour, I've been thinking. Well, that's not entirely true; I woke up this morning with heavy thoughts on my mind. They are not depressive thoughts, though it may come off that way; they are more about realization. I realized I'm tired of playing the game of life. Not tired in an I'm-going-to-commit-suicide way. More like tired as in I'm-not-playing-a-game-I-can't-win kind of way.

You see, my life, for the most part, has been really hard. Yes, I am well aware that other people have it worse than me, but I'm not talking about other people. In fact, I'm not currently interested in other people because I'm trying to live my life right now, the one I was given. Or, rather, I'm trying to figure out the rules to this life. Apparently, the basic ten found in the Bible aren't enough to get the game right. I don't understand a game where the cheaters win during the present and the righteous win when the game is over and the pieces are all packed away.

So, I want a new set of rules.


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