Thursday, May 10, 2012

Is it August 4th yet?

Boy, oh, boy, oh boy. What a news week, one I would give a left pinky toenail to be able to discuss on Facebook.

First, there's Biden irresponsible comments forcing the President's hand.

Next, it was North Carolina banning any recognition whatsoever of gay unions, marriage or civil. What this also means is no recognition for common law marriages either. Wonder if they thought that far.

Then, it was President Obama actually commenting in favor of gay marriages (I spoke on this yesterday). The nation blew up. Ignorant black folk, who barely vote in the first place, said that Obama lost their vote. Um, well, if you're not going to give it to him, who are you going to give it to? Someone who is, by far, more oblivious to the struggles of daily American living than someone who is deaf, dumb (meaning mute), and devoid of sight? Or no one at all, which is the same thing as a vote, only it takes away your right to have any say about the political moves in America? And I say ignorant because, ethnically speaking, black people, my family included, like to pretend that gay people don't exist while some are secretly meeting up with male prostitutes up in the northwest section of Miami, Atlanta, Wherever America, secretly giving another dude the eye, secretly slipping cell phone numbers into pockets of other men, and some of them don't even know that their sons are secretly uploading videos of themselves dancing like female strippers (and, by dancing, I mean just shaking their booty). If it wasn't true, why would there be a phenomenon called a Down Low Brother? It's almost the same as the Republican party thinking homosexuals only exist on the Democratic side.

Look, as I said yesterday, no matter your preference or belief, it's just constitutionally wrong to deny someone else a basic right as marriage-- which, by the way, isn't solely religiously Christian thing. "Pagans" had marriage; Europeans and historical nations hammered marriage out as a business thing, alliance and all that, not a result of love. That idea is pretty much a newfangled one. Now this isn't to say I'm in favor of gay marriage or not; I just can't as a black, as a female, as a single mother, as a teacher be for denying people their civil rights.

Well, today, the news has revealed Biden's remorse about opening his big fat mouth prematurely (or at all for that matter). Why does this country have such a bad record of recent vice presidents? Other than Al Gore, the recent decades' VPs (Democratic and Republican alike) have all, pretty much, demonstrated an extreme case of stupidity more often that not (remember Dan Quayle). Well, no, not all. Dick Cheney was more the devil's secret love child than Forrest Gump.

And then there's the report that Mitt Romney may or may not have been a bully in high school. Given the sensitivity of this nation, I have to wonder if high school hangups or racism (I don't believe that everyone against Prez O is a racist but there certainly are a heck of a lot of people *who vote* that are) will win with the voters. Yes, I'm being facetious.

On a lighter note, the AI 3 are the ones I thought would be there. I'm just happy my boy, Joshua Ledet, is there to sing another day. It may not behoove him to win it all because the winners get locked in these crazy contracts with songs that are bad for them. The successful winners grew when they got to distance themselves a bit from AI. But the almost-winners got to experiment.

Sigh. I'm going to just stop here. Can't really have a good debate with myself. Is it August 4th yet? Sheesh, I'm just itching to discuss so much on Facebook.

Positive note: school's almost out. :)

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