Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Counting My Blessings

What a day! What a busy, busy day.

After school, I visited with my youngest son and we played a very competitive and rousing game of Scrabble, Jr. I kid you not; that game is fun.

Then I headed back to work because tonight was the awards ceremony and I had the pleasure of delivering nearly all of the high school awards for Language Arts. I teach student in 9-11th grade and I took great relish in surprising the girl in each grade with my choice. Of course, I didn't have a speech planned; that would mean that I was prepared (I shudder at the thought). No, I spoke strictly off the top of my head and the words tumbled forth beautifully because they were spoken with sincerity. Those girls have a way of burrowing beneath the skin and laying siege on the place where my heart's supposed to be.

But one of my best and biggest surprises came when I arrived home. As an early birthday present to me, my oldest. spotlessly, cleaned the living room, the dining room, the kitchen, and the kids' bathroom. Plus, he swept the floors. When I swung that door opened and was not greeted with the sight of my youngest's belongings strewn about all over the place, I nearly cried. Now, I understand why my mom bitched so much about cleaning. Coming home to something as simple as an uncluttered home does wonders for the stress level (still fighting hives so I took another Benadryl).

I quite hope that this turn of events foreshadows many more positive things to come. Lord knows I can definitely use a good dose of positivity right about now.

I was going to attempt to get in a bit more writing on Paige's story but off to bed I go. From the day I've had, I'm beat.



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