Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dating Demands

Ready to get back in the dating game. That was fun-- only this time I have a more specific list of demands and they are as follows...1) Be all the way single, not just partly 2) Be a cultivator of gardens, not a indiscriminate sower of seeds (like how I put that one?) 3) EDUCATED, EDUCATED, EDUCATED and not just in the School of Hard Knocks-- need a 4+ yr degree or 4+ years of military experience AND working on a degree 4) Have a backbone 5) no mommy/daddy issues 6) Must have friends outside of family 7) If there is a mother of your child, she must understand that's her only position in your life 8) Yes, eight. In fact, more than eight (they say every relationship helps you realize what you want) but I'll just stop there.

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