Sunday, February 26, 2012

Watercooler Weekend

I've had some really interesting online conversations this weekend. One was regarding the lack of diversity in roles for ethnic persons. The other was about being a single mom. Both topics are very dear to my heart.

Aaaaand I found out my car has a crack in the radiator which made buying that Honda Pilot all that much more of a good move for me.

Aaaaaaand I'm entering a Toastmasters competition next weekend.

Annnnnd I'm in dire need of another line of income.

I saw Ghostwriter II. The storyline had potential. The camera work was distracting. And Nick Cage really needs to lay off the one-note acting. However, the movie had some good funny parts. C+. I, also, saw Good Deeds. It was ok, just ok. It wasn't GUHREAT as the masses would have me believe but it was pretty good. The sex scene was disturbing. Thandi Newton really overdid the screaming. But I feel this was Gabrielle Union's best work to date. Movie gets a B-/C+ from me.

I'm sleepy. G'nite.


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