Thursday, February 23, 2012

Down with Procrastination?

Um, yeah, right. So far, so not good. Did I seriously think this would be an overnight on-off switch? That I would now be more productive? The short answer: yes.

And, well, I snoozed all 5 of my alarms, plus the extra one on the iPod. I am only writing because my youngest son disobeyed me and stayed asleep when I woke up everyone to get ready for school. Now, it looks like I'll be late for work.

But I'm writing. Hey, look at that.

I got a few things on my mind, like what car to buy: 2007 4Runner or 2009 Equinox. How to make ends meet once I do buy it (need a newer car, don't need a new bill). How to jump back into the dating game or, rather, how to meet new, interesting, educated, ambitious, open-minded, cultured AVAILABLE men. Where to find a new doctor for my youngest. Why 2012 keeps beating up on me. There are a few more flitting around my brain but it's still too fogged to think.

So there. I've written. Procrastination over. For the moment. Hurrah. Off to work I go.


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