Monday, August 15, 2011

A Walk w/ God

So I was on Facebook today, mindlessly wasting my last day of vacation (school starts tomorrow for us teachers) on one of the few games I play on the site when an old friend of mine posted, "Oh wow! A VERY worthy repost: Sometimes, God doesn't give you what you think you want, not because you don't deserve it, but because you deserve better." I quickly reposted but it got me feeling a certain kind of way. It felt like God was pressing in my space, seeking my attention. I needed to be alone so I went to my thinking room (the bathroom) and sat on my thinking chair (porcelain throne) with a notepad and a pen with the sole intention of hearing what God had to say. I prayed and I listened and my mind wandered so I returned to praying and listening and my mind continued to wander (I have a serious case of adult ADD-- self-diagnosed) and I continued to pray. Finally, a few directives came (noted below) and they started flowing faster than my hand could transcribe. Tears started rolling as He ""talked". I'd been convicted. He spoke to the very core of me. I know what to do; He has placed it in my heart many many years ago. I just really need to live it, live purposefully. I <3 my God. And I'm so thankful He loves me.

The notes verbatim:

"1) No sex until the issue is resolved, no titles either 2) Be cleaner 3) Be nicer 4) Be more humble 5) Be a doer; stop procrastinating and wasting the talents that I have bestowed upon you. I get no glory from Facebook. I can only get it from you being delivered into your purpose. And you are purposed for great things. You will be an instrument of change in the hearts and the minds of my people. Not through Facebook. Not through hours of precious daylight and time wasted cruising on the internet. You are not meant for that. You are to go out into the world; I have you pegged as a traveler, a deliverer of my message to cities, counties, and states across the nation-- and, eventually, the world. Your gifts are not meant to lie in unfinished thought, in just plans and not progress. You ARE a child of God. You are not to shrink from the light in which you're called to stand. You have got to recognize your worth. Sure, I can tell it to you; sure, I can show you your purpose. But what would that solve? What will it gain? I have been sharing the vision w/ you for years- through dreams, people I've sent your way, and by the way of the little voice whose whisper is, both, felt in your heart and heard in your mind. Stop ignoring me, stop ignoring you, before I am forced to do something about it. That is all."

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