Tuesday, June 5, 2012

More Cactus Hugging

I wanna be cool.

I wanna be funny and witty and glamourous and entertaining and all the things that make people gobble up blogs like they were free samples of fresh, authentic Italian pistachio gelato.

But I'm not.

I'm just me. Boring (sometimes), exhausted (nearly all the time), stressed out (that's what the "S" stands for in my name) me. Gah, even as I typed all of that, it felt like a lie.

I'm not boring, not inherently. What I am, right now, is broke.

The Secret. Remember, The Secret. 

Right, what I meant was...I'm in the process of re-evaluating my current financial situation and envisioning a more-improved one-- say, like, seven figures before the decimal point. Call it my 2-comma dream.

I've been thinking about my blog for the last few weeks, been thinking about why the two posts with the most views are the ant (160 views) and the rose (79 views) posts; some European countries really have a thing for pictures of ants and roses.

My most prolific post, the one on child sexual abuse, is a very distant third with only 38 views. Now, that's a piece I feel the world should read. Yet, it sits buried on my blog.

So how do I get more readers? Do I even want more readers? The research I've done suggests that the blogs who perform well are the ones that are niche blogs. But my mind doesn't work that way. Well, it does...and it doesn't. I, usually, have so many ideas, thoughts, and topics to discuss that I'm often mentally paralyzed, choosing to writing nothing. But when things come out, like this current post, it's like I mentally vomit all over the screen and I have to fight to keep my posts from being as random as, well, me.

But, hey, it beats the depressive period I just went through. I've still got a paperweight of problems sitting on my chest but, at least, the Great Flood is no longer trying to escape through my eyes.

And that, folks, may not be cool, funny, witty, or glamourous, but it is progress.


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