Saturday, June 2, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me

Today, I turned 33.

It doesn't feel like a joyous occasion, especially given the week I've had leading up to today. Yesterday was such an emotional day. Last night, I cried so much that my eyes were nearly swollen shut this morning. Today, the words for this blog just aren't flowing with the ease of the Nile River. So I'll just list a couple of things:

*I'm using my work laptop to write this.

*I'm really grateful to my ex-boyfriend for helping me with my emotionally tormented son last night. My son has so much hurt, bitterness, and anger from the absence/inconsistency of his biological father that it all burst forth in the presence of depression and rage yesterday. Nothing I said could calm him. He said something about wishing I'd stayed with my ex-boyfriend because he wanted him to be his dad. I explained that we had too many problems to work through. As a last resort, I offered to call my ex so he could speak to my son. Twenty minutes later, my son asked for just that. They stayed on the phone for about half an hour. My son hung up happier and more optimistic.

*I pawned MacKenzie, my MacBook Pro. I feel like I sold a child.

*I really, really missed my ex but all I could say to him was thank you for speaking to my son.

*My foot hurts from the rehab stretches I'm doing.

*It rained for most of my school's outdoors event yesterday.

*I'm dead broke; I just got paid yesterday. That includes the money I got for selling my electronic child.

*My oldest passed all his standardized testing.

*This 33rd birthday sucks pickled eggs and has been the worst birthday I've ever had so far.

*I need cake.


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