Saturday, April 14, 2012

Caine's ARCaDE: A Inspirational Tale of Imagination

While doing my normal job of doing nothing but reading articles online for hours on end (great way to live life, eh), I came across a story of a 9-year old boy, Caine, who fashioned himself a functional arcade almost entirely out of cardboard. That's not the most interesting part, though, it is quite a feat. The part that really interests me is that this kid created something he believed in; he worked at it every day for the entire summer, perfecting his "machines", pouring his heart into what brings him joy. 

I love his imagination, persistence, and positivity. It's inspirational. I also love that the filmmaker, Nirvan Mullick, who happened across this little boy's establishment, created this film and, in turn, generated over $150,000 to pay for this boy's future education (video of the cardboard check being presented can be seen here). It is also no small thing that his father supported Caine's endeavor, even thought he did not 100% believe his son would have customers. Big kudos to his dad for that because, oftentimes, parents are the first wrecking balls of dreams. 

After reading about this young man's story, watching the film (see below), then reading a comment posted on the Caine's Arcade Facebook page, I realized the problem with my life. The commenter asked, "How come people having the most fun also have the most success." It was such a duh moment. I'm not having fun, therefore...Therefore, I am in need of a lifestyle revamp. But how to change my life? How to have fun on an extremely tight budget? Where can I find enough cardboard? 



This was posted on the Facebook page: 
"BIG NEWS: To help us help more kids like Caine, the Goldhirsh Foundation is matching donations to Caine's Scholarship Fund dollar-for-dollar (up to $250,000) to help us incubate the "Caine's Arcade Foundation" - which will help find, fund, and foster creativity and entrepreneurship in young kids. 

For this reason, we have raised the goal of Caine's Scholarship Fund from $100,000 to $250,000. Every dollar you give to Caine's education will now help us to help even more kids. #winwin #teamcaine

And we feel proud, and so should you!" 

So if you want to donate, click on over to Help other kids foster their imagination. 

Imagination is more important than knowledge.


Imagination has given us the steam engine, the telephone, the talking-machine, and the automobile, for these things had to be dreamed of before they became realities.
L. FRANK BAUM, intro, The Lost Princess of Oz

We do not need magic to change the world. We carry all the power we need inside ourselves already: we have the power to imagine better.
J. K. ROWLING, speech to Harvard Alumni Association, 2008

What is now proved was once only imagined.
WILLIAM BLAKE, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

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