Wednesday, April 11, 2012

About Time

Today, George Zimmerman has been charged with 2nd degree murder in the death of Trayvon Martin. Today, George Zimmerman has turned himself in. Today doesn't feel like a victory. A child is dead and the justice system may as well as killed him. It is a justice system that allows regular citizens to wield guns in their cars as if all people on Earth are certifiably sane. It is easier to get a gun than it is to (legally) get a driver's license. It is, also, a justice system that allows people to say they feel threatened even when they, themselves, are the threat; even when they, themselves, stalk a young man (too tall to be called a boy, I suppose) with a car; even when they, themselves, disobey the police; even when they, themselves, get out of their car with a gun; and I repeat, even when they, themselves, are the threat.

A man, slowly following you through a neighborhood, at night, gets out of his car with a gun. What would you do? Adrenaline tells us to fight or flight. Trayvon, a human being in the eyes of the law, of God, did what anyone might have thought to do-- defend himself. So even if Trayvon did reach for the gun, as Zimmerman says, that would mean it was visible and out in the open. Everyone knows that if you have a gun out in the open, you better know how to use it. Trayvon, from Miami, would know that rule. Trayvon, from Miami Gardens, would know the real danger a gun poses.

Given the grasping straws that we call facts in this case, it only made sense to, at least, arrest the guy. And, today, we finally have that arrest but the police didn't do it; Zimmerman did it himself. So, no, it doesn't feel like justice has been served. All I feel is that now I can stop holding my breath only to drag in oxygen before clamming up again because I don't think, given the shoddy work of the Sanford police, that Zimmerman will get that conviction-- not of 2nd degree murder.

And, should he get released, it's guaranteed that all hell is going to break loose.


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