Thursday, December 29, 2011

30 Things Challenge

The initial purpose for this blog was to keep track of me doing 30 things I've never done over the course of 30 consecutive days but that quickly fell through. However, with the year coming to a close, I realized that I have spent a year doing many things that I've never done-- not a bad way to spend a year. So I'm happy to present a (partial) list of, at least, 30 things that I've done this year (some good, some not so good) that I've never done before. Introducing...the list!


What I'm most proud of:
  1) Went to Key West
  2) Jet skied
  3) Gave blood
  4) Got my nose pierced
  5) Volunteered w/ my church (wrapped gifts at Walmart)
  6) Moved into an apartment by myself (w/o a roommate but, obviously, with my kids)
  7) Joined Toastmasters (first step in becoming a motivational speaker)
  8) Lost 40lbs
  9) Got into a size 14/16 dress-- haven't been that size in 15+ years
10) Was seriously considered by a weight loss show & they flew me out to LA
11) Beat 3 unnecessary tickets in court over 3 separate occasions

And the rest: 

12) Bought a Saturn
13) Died my hair black (3x-hair won't hold dye)
14) Attended Christmas Eve service
15) Participated in the candlelight service
16) Bought an XBOX (took it back)
17) Took a leave of absence from teaching
18) Went to Boca Raton for my birthday (courtesy of my best friend)
19) Gave two speeches in front of my Toastmasters group
20) Bought a Nikon
21) Hired myself out as a photographer for a birthday party, two baby showers, and maternity pix
22) Hired myself out as a freelance tutor for math (I teach English)
23) Went to a gun range (2x)
24) Loaded a gun and shot it by myself
25) Got a new agent
26) Got achilles tendonitis
27) Had strep 2x within two months
28) Came close to falling in love
29) Took my kids to South Beach
30) Lost a 1st cousin on my mom's side (RIP Brandon)
31) Started a blog (this one!)
32) Allowed myself to have a boyfriend for longer than three days
33) Tried a joint, still don't like it, see no reason for it, and now I can passionately say the sh*t is stupid
34) Had a scripted reality show (South Beach Tow) and a commercial (South Florida Education Connect) on TV at the same time (was just informed you could see me in that the Degree commercial I was a background extra in)
35) Cooked chicken alfredo (didn't come out all that well)
36) Cooked steak-- not bad
37) Cooked ziti
38) Cooked period
39) Hosted a party in my new apartment (didn't go all that well)
40) Grew my nails (until I bit them this month)
41) Participated in a 5k for suicide prevention

Now I'm sure there were a whole host of other firsts but I can't think of them. However, I look forward to the next year of new things. =)

Giving Blood

On a beach in Boca Raton

Lowest weight this year

Pierced nose

Jet ski!

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