Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hodge Podge & Cactus Huggin'

I don't actually know what I want to talk about in this post. It's been a rough ride for the past two weeks, a constant barrage of bad news and a small (unmentionable) glimmer of good news.

You see, October's usually my month of change; it's usually the time when bad times get good and good times get better. But not this October. This October has been one burden upon my shoulder after another. I got strep throat; I broke up with the boyfriend (who, technically, wasn't my boyfriend anymore anyway); I had an allergic reaction to the Amoxicillin (skin just plain hurt to touch all over); I had to pay a traffic ticket (yeah, it was my fault); I've been late to work 3 times in one week; my son spent an entire weekend retching/feverish; I got into it with my other son's father-- he claimed that I won't "let" him be present in my (yeah I said my) son's life and he thinks he can be a better parent because I just-- I don't want to discuss this any further because the conversation really doesn't merit rehashing (and this was this morning); I hurt my foot, guess I strained a muscle or something on my heel so now I limp a bit-- it's healing, though; I lost my voice; my son's football team was massacred on the field; Mother Nature dropped off her gift two days early; I got into it with my mother; I found a roach in my house; my car is back to drinking anti-freeze fluid like it's kool-aid; my Ladies' Night didn't go off as planned last night; and the list goes on and on and on.

Yep, it's been a pretty crappy October except for a couple of things. One, my family is relatively healthy and, two, we're all alive. Oh, and I, finally, moved into my own apartment and out my mother's house. Those things are certainly praise worthy. There, that helped me put my mind into the right perspective.

I got confirmation I'm on the right road; I just need a little patience. It's going to come together; everything is being put together. I just need to keep doing what I'm doing but to do it better, neater, faster, more efficiently (is that even a correct phrase).  Patience, patience, patience. And work. Time to get to writing.

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